What are the Sacred Flames and why is it important to work with them.

The Sacred Flames are the Divine Energies of God, the I AM Presence. They are the energies of Divine Love, Divine Integrity, Divine Power, Divine Wisdom, etc. These energies have such high, high frequencies that when one looks at these energies, they appear as Flames.

We were created from the Flames. The Great Central Sun is our home and that is the home of the I AM Presence, the highest Divine Source of Love.

The Sacred Flames are most powerful and the knowledge of Them was brought back to the planet in the 1930’s after Earth put out a call for help.

One person saw his I AM Presence and stated that the colors – the Flames emanating from the I AM, were so powerful that he could only take it for a few seconds. But the power and the beauty were most amazing.

The Ascended Masters have brought back this knowledge. In order for anyone to make their ascension and help earth, it is important that a person work with the Power Tools of the Sacred Flames. A Power is needed that is incorruptible and the Sacred Flames are those powers.

A Power is needed that will connect heaven to earth and the Sacred Flames are those powers.

The books, The Magic Presence and The Unveiled Mysteries, available from www.saintgermainpress.com, are two good books to read in order to find out more about the Flames and the I AM Presence. Then one can know if this is the next step in their growth.

Living with the Sacred Flames, available on this website, is also another book that a person may wish to read.

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