What Are the Sacred Flames?

Today we need the frequencies and energies that will heal us and ALL life forms with grace and ease.

So often we get tools to help protect or heal us, but we forget about our environment, we forget about nature, we forget that the trees, birds and all life forms need protection too and we are the ones here that need to help heal nature!

The Sacred Flame Holograms not only heal and protect us, but they heal and protect nature and all constructive life forms and things.

That is why the Sacred Flame Holograms are so critical for today and that is why They are coming forth at this time!

The Sacred Flames are always important but They are critical at this time for they are the Divine Power that can heal all in the right time and order. They are the Power needed today.

Send the Violet Flame, Integrity, Nature Holograms into the air, into the chem trails, into water, wherever you are guided, work with these daily and watch the difference.

For healers who work with many wonderful modalities, these Sacred Flame Holograms will greatly support and enhance the other healing work you do, for everything is part of the Sacred Flames and thus the other healing modalities are more connected into the Divine Power through these Holograms.

“I had a massage session. Marianne asked if I minded if she placed the Holograms under the table. I thought – “What can a piece of paper do?” So I told her that it was fine to do so. Almost immediately, I felt heat starting at my feet and gradually moving through my own body. I had never experienced a session like this. I did not want to get off the table. But the healing continued even afterwards and now a lot of my depression is gone and I am so much happier! It is amazing!”

These are Master Holograms!

They know where to go first in the healing process and in what order They are to work, whether it is in this lifetime or the past. They find areas that we may not even be aware of. They transmute and transform the old holograms that we live with and we can start feeling better on all levels as those old holograms are replaced with the Sacred Flames.

“I had a clairvoyant look to see what was going on after I had been working with the Sacred Flame Holograms for a while and she was amazed. She saw old toxins being released from the body and being transmuted. She saw old trauma being released from my legs. I could feel much healing work going on – on many levels.”

What are some of the holograms we may be living with? There can be holograms of toxicity, betrayal, old death experiences, fear, anger, limitations, unable to fulfill our dreams, etc, etc, etc.

These Sacred Flame Holograms locate the old holograms. Then They work in rightful order and timing to bring about best healing for each person.

How can They do that? They are the Sacred Flames from our I AM Presence, from the Great Central Sun.

The energy of the Sacred Flame Holograms is also gentle enough for pets, in fact pets love them for the Holograms are gentle, peaceful and healing.

We can not measure the critical importance of these Sacred Flame Holograms. For how else are we going to clean the air, the waters of the earth, the land itself. We need a tremendous power to do that and the Sacred Flames are that Power.

How can we heal everything within us that needs healing?
Again, the Sacred Flames have that power and the synergy of the Sacred Flames working together in the Holograms reaches into all areas that need healing and They heal.

“I purchased the Hologram for Domesticated Animals. When it came, I placed it on the floor so that my 2 dogs could see it. They were so excited and did not want to leave it alone. I do horse massage and placed it in the barn. The horse I was working on walked to the hologram 4x during the session and breathed deeply on it. He was so relaxed during that session. I love these Holograms!”

Each person’s experience will be their own. Some things to look for:

  1. Initially for a few minutes, you may feel the old patterns, fears, trauma, etc. being located and coming to the surface.
  2. Then you may feel some heat and energy movement.
  3. After this is transmuted, usually a beautiful cooling energy comes in and everything feels so much better.

It is important to breathe, drink water that has been charged by the Nature Hologram and have plenty of minerals.

Water test: As the water came out of the faucet, the clairvoyant saw that it was very chaotic. When the water was placed on the Nature Hologram, it instantly became calm and created beautiful 6 pointed crystals as it is meant to have.

Where is a good place to start?

  1. The Protection Hologram
  2. Nature Hologram
  3. Violet Flame Hologram
  4. Integrity Hologram and then add more as you choose.

Each Hologram receives special activation.
Clairvoyants have seen that copies do not carry this activation and without this activation, it becomes just a piece of paper. They always work with Divine Integrity.

Do the small ones work as well as the large? Yes, as this is Quantum Physics – but on the human level it is important for many to see the larger Hologram for our mind gets a much stronger picture and it does seem to have a greater effect at this time. We often need a larger focus.

How do I work with them?

  1. Sleep with them, have one under your body and one on top.
  2. Meditate with them.
  3. Carry them with you in your wallet or car.
  4. Arrange them on a wall and they become the picture.

“I took down a picture in my office and arranged all of the Holograms there so that I can see them easily and work with them during the day. I touch them as I walk past. I love them! I feel every area of my life changing for the better!”

“I had tried to heal a past lifetime for a few years and had forgiven the persons involved over and over, yet the trauma could still be felt. I went to that lifetime, took the Holograms and gave them to myself in that lifetime, explained them, forgave myself and helped her release. I could feel deep healing for about an hour and then I could feel that the healing was complete. I feel so much better that it is amazing!”

These Holograms love to be worked with, communicated with. Live with them daily!

This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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  2. Gregory

    Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article!
    It’s the little changes that produce the largest changes.
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