Where Do I Begin?

Where do I start?

When one first encounters the Sacred Flame Holograms, one can be inundated with the number of them and ask: “Where do I begin?” The Universe has provided many healing tools, but also a systematic way of healing.

The healing process involves clearing and cleaning first. We really have not had the means with which to take a spiritual shower for centuries. So there is scrubbing to do and many things to clear that do not belong in our energy fields.

The best place is begin is with the 4 Blues:

  1. Arcturians
  2. Arcturians/Cosmic Beings
  3. Protection
  4. Cosmic Blue Lightning.

Then add the Violet Flame and the Cosmic Violet Flame.

Why? The first thing we need to do is to clear and clean all aspects of ourselves.

We begin with the Arcturian Hologram because of what they can clear from our energy fields. The exact instruction of how to work with this is on the back side of each Hologram. The Arcturians are a most benevolent race of beings who have been given authority over some very negative energies and they are most happy to clear these for us.

The Universe is like any company. Not everyone in a company has the same authority overeverything. Not every store carries everything. If we want groceries, we go to a grocery store. If we wish to shop for clothes, we go to a clothing store.

So it is with responsibilities that have been handed out in the Universe. Earth, in the middle of the 1930’s, between the two world wars, put out a major call for help to the Universe. She said that she did not know how much longer she could hold on.

The call was answered by many positive lifeforms from other universes who wished to assist. And that is the time when the Ascended Masters brought back the knowledge of the Sacred Flames. Different job responsibilities were given to the many positive Beings who answered Earth’s call for help.

We are only now learning which ones have dominion over certain energies that we can have within us that we do not want. But it is our responsibility to ask, as this is a free will zone and the Cosmic Beings of Light can not help unless we make the call.

So we start with the 4 Blues and we are finding that it is best to work with them daily and sometimes even twice a day until some of the heavy entities and energies are completely cleared.

Then one can work with a practitioner and start healing and clearing all that needs to be cleared and healed. Or this can be done at home on your own, except for the healing of curses and hexes that have been placed on us. Special Holograms are needed for this clearing.

Call a practitioner for this. This may take only 15 minutes of time but is most beneficial!

There are many different protocols and Holograms that work to clear the many things that need healing. Many of the Holograms are used in numerous protocols.

The book “The 4 Pillars of Healing,” coming out this summer, will have the check system in it and if you know how to douse, you can work with the clearing and healing on your own in your own home.

We have many, many things to heal, such as trauma and abuse from all lifetimes, deep issues that rarely can be seen by clairvoyants for they are often covered in layers. These can be cleared with special protocols.

Other things include:

  • Chakra clearing of the deepest kind – this includes all major and minor chakras that are affected
  • Chakra rebuilding and reharmonizing
  • Cleansing of the Nerves
  • Clearing the Reptilian Brain
  • Negative astrological influences
  • Breaking up deep patterns
  • Clearing all implants, walls, locks
  • Faulty wiring
  • Soul Healing
  • Vows
  • Contracts
  • and so much more

Why is there so much? We have lived many thousands of lives in many universes and have experienced much. If we are ready to become who we really are, which is Beings of the Sacred Fire, it is time to use the tools that have the power to heal all that needs to be healed.

It can be done a step at a time, in the privacy of our own homes if we choose.

It has been stated that we need to clear down to the atomic level, down to the adamantine level which is the smallest particle of life. It has also been stated that it needs to be done and if not here, then somewhere else.

Mankind was made in the greatest of Divine Purity and in order to fulfill the Divine Plan and bring the Perfection of the Divine that is the plan for earth, those who choose, can start the clearing process and greatly assist in bringing forth the healing and perfection that nature and we desire so greatly.

There are many who have tried many modalities but still feel things inside that are not who they really are. I have been one of those. I have spent thousands of dollars looking for the healing that I so greatly desired. The many modalities that I studied and experienced kept me going and alive but they did not bring in the wisdom, knowledge or healing that I craved.

I was so frustrated that one day I told the universe that the educational system on this planet is pretty bad but at least we know in what grade we are in, we know where we are going next and we know when we will graduate.

In the spiritual realm, we do not know what grade we are in, we do not know where we are going next or what even the “next” can be, we do not know when we will graduate and if we do not pass then we are to repeat this experience again? If that is so, then this is the most unfair system of all.

It was after that and after much work with anchoring the Sacred Flames in the Orgone harmonizers, that the Sacred Flame Holograms came through.

How do They work?

First of all, anything that we create on this physical plane does need some type of geometry, whether it be triangles, squares, circles, etc. The geometry in the Holograms is the physical structure that holds the energy of the Sacred Flames.

Then there is an activation process. What is that? Well, it is very comparable to electricity. Benjamin Franklin saw lightning and realized that there was a tremendous power in that, but it would have to be harnessed. Eventually a way was found in which to harness electricity. Now that we have harnessed that energy, we have our homes and businesses “wired” and we can just plug in.

The Holograms are comparable to that. We have learned how to harness the energy. The activation is a special process that plugs us into that energy and we can now utilize that energy for the healing and growth that so many of us greatly desire.

We need tools and powers from a much higher dimension in order to heal and clear all that is here and the Sacred Flames are those tools. The Sacred Flames are the tools that the Ascended Masters use to create and build universes. They are what we have been created from.

Our “I AM” God Presence is a River of the Sacred Flames.

Some have said that we focus too much on the negative. I like to have a clean house. I clean it weekly.

My focus is a clean home. I am focused on the beautiful energy that comes with a clean home.

If someone purchased a home that really is beautiful and is of a solid structure but has had many different people living in it who did not focus on a clean house – and this happened to be the case for a hundred years, there would be much to clean. Yet, the original beauty of the home and the solid structure showed that it would be very worth while cleaning up this home. The results would be superb!

Then that person would start scrubbing, cleaning, scrapping and doing whatever is necessary to bring that home into its pristine beauty and glory. If some people were still living in the home, but they were not paying rent and it was not their home, we would order them out and if necessary we would call the police to evict them. Then we would put locks on the doors so that only those we allowed could enter the home.

We are that home! Not only are we, with the Sacred Flame Holograms, clearing and cleaning to the depths, but we are also filling ourselves with Divine Love, Wisdom, Power, Beauty, Harmony and all of the Divine Attributes.

The home may need to be rewired, rejuvenated, restructured and so may we.

Those that have experienced the Holograms are amazed at Their Power and how fast They work. They are amazed at how much better they are feeling. Yet sometimes during the cleaning process a few things come up but they move through quickly.


As the earth moves into its Ascension and we move along, we also need to raise our frequencies if we are going into the higher realms.

On a scale of 0-100,000, most of the people currently are around 500-700. When a person receives their first clearing, their frequency can go up a 1000 points immediately.

Then as more trauma, abuse, etc. is cleared, the frequency keeps rising until we too can hold a frequency of 100,000.

We can also bring our homes to that frequency and it is most wonderful to live in that. Then we can start to live in the higher realms for our frequency starts to match the frequency that exists at those levels.

Why would a person want to work with the Sacred Flame Holograms?

  1. If they are looking for a deeper healing.
  2. If they have been working on themselves for years and yet have not achieved what they wish or long for.
  3. If they wish to live in a higher frequency in their home.
  4. If they wish to have a higher frequency themselves.
  5. If they wish to clear things that they have felt inside but have not been able to clear.
  6. If they wish to move into the abundance of the Divine.
  7. and more…

Many recognize the Sacred Flame Holograms when they first see them. Many have been looking for them for years, maybe even lifetimes.

The testimonials that are shared on the testimonial page are powerful and we receive more each day.

These Sacred Flame Holograms see the old holograms within us and remove them and fill that space with the Divine Flame Holograms that work for our success, our health, our wealth and our spiritual growth.

Start with the Blues and then look at what else you may wish to clear and continue experiencing and learning about the Power, Beauty and Healing Properties of the Sacred Flames.

These are truly a gift – as the Masters have said:
“These are diamonds in the purest and rarest of forms.”

4 Replies to “Where Do I Begin?”

  1. hologram video

    Thanks for posting this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled
    to leave a comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this
    on my Twitter. Thanks again for a great article!

  2. Wayne Smith

    Hi, so glad to have made the connection to you folks. Back in the late 1990’s , I started studying the Violet Flame & St. Germain. But met a lady who did not & would not understand what I was doing. I had to wuit wlrking in 2010 to be her full time caregiver until she ascended 2/3/16. Then I mived where I now live to help her 83 yr old sister & husband. She ascended 3/12/17 & my brother-in-law is now in a nursing home. So, thought I would take up seeking again and was given diagnosis of very agressive prostate cancer. Yesterday morning, I went into 5 1/2 hrs surgery. I had no meds or pain killers and will be released tomorrow for 4 wks recouperation. I gave all of this over to my creator to either receive healing or the strength to walk through. Looks like I needed the later. My question is how do I get started, In the video, you mentioned 2 for clearing & cleansing. Can you tell me where to get them h the cost. We spent all of our savings on my wife’s medical bills and when she ascended, I lost home & car. Right now I just have Social Security to rely on so, unfortunately, cost must come into play. I was thinking of possibly the two mentioned plus one for abundance. I look forward to hearing from you. Light & Blessings, Wayne

    1. Donna Cercone


      Thank you for your email and apologize for getting back to you a little late. Hope all is well with you. I do not know how much you have to spend and until I know,
      it would not be easy to figure out what to send you. In the meantime, go to the website of Livingwiththesacredflames.com and work with the Holograms that are there.
      Ask the Cosmic Light and Cosmic Beings to clear you as much as they can and ask for the abundance you need to purchase the Holograms you choose and also for your own life and
      comfort. Let me know how I can further assist you. MaDonna


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