Donna – North Dakota

I have been working with the Sacred Flames and Their Holograms for almost 2 years now and can not imagine life without Them. Everything has changed for the better – my health, my business, my spiritual growth. I am finally healing to the levels that I have always wanted to heal. It is not easy to put into words how much better one feels on every level. The Sacred Flame Holograms are the first thing that has ever been able to get at the fungus that I was dealing with the the heavy metal toxicity. No matter what I did before I started using the Holograms, it would work for a bit but never get to the root and the cause. Now, I feel that as I continue working with the Sacred Flame Holograms, I am finally getting to the root and the cause of the fungus and heavy metal toxicity and can finally heal.

I am so much happier, a deep quiet happiness. I feel so much more connected to my I AM Presence and am growing daily in that.

I have seen people’s face go from an ashen gray to a much lighter color right in front of my eyes as they did the 4 Blues clearing.

This goes beyond words for me. It is truly a way of living with the Light, a way of Living with the Sacred Flames.