Divine Order Essence


Our bodies and the mind thrives on Order. We long for order and so does every aspect of our bodies. This brings in the energy of Divine Order into every aspect of our being.



This is a cube and a platform. It is 3 dimensional as all of the Holograms. are. The Divine Order, Power and Will Holograms connects our will to Divine Will, our Power to Divine Power and our order to Divine Order.

The Violet Flame in his Hologram radiates out an incredible beauty. There is a deep Silence in this Hologram, a huge, powerful, living Silence.

This Hologram clears out the 3rd, 4th and 5th chakras and helps us to manifest what we desire. It also helps to heal the brain and bring order and harmony into our life.

Another gift of this Hologram is the healing of blockages and the clearing of meridians. It works to bring order into everything that It is around and assists the healing of deep seated beliefs and patterns that are out of alignment with Divine Will.