– I AM Presence


I AM Presence

Small: 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches | $10.00
Medium: 4 inches by 5 inches | $15.00
Large: 8.5 inches by 11 inches | $30.00

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Our “I AM Presence” is a River of the Sacred Flames. All of the Sacred Flames come from our I AM Presence. Each Flame is one of the tremendous attributes of the I AM Presence – such as Love, Power, Mercy, Harmony, etc.

Everything we require is in the Light. We are to stand in the Light, with the Light, for the Light. The I AM Presence is that Light.

Our I AM Presence desires to accomplish the Divine Plan of our Victory through our experiences.

We are here to connect with our I AM Presence first and then look outward.

Read the books Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence to understand more and more.

Have this Hologram in your home, on your altar, in your car, in your wallet. It offers tremendous connection to the I AM and protection.

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Large ($30), Medium ($15), Small ($10)